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Brooklyn Heights, OH


About InfoStore Records Center

Our History is our strength . . . Security is our tradition.

InfoStore Records Center was created through the partnership of Roy T. Radigan, former owner of Midtown Records Center in Cleveland, Ohio and Mike James, CEO of Fireproof Records Center in Columbus, Ohio. This partnership created a diversified records and information management solutions provider that has served the Ohio area for more than ninety years. Through that strength, financial stability, management talent and desire to grow, InfoStore Records Center was established.

InfoStore Records Center currently offers a wide range of solutions that encompass every aspect of their clients’ information lifecycles. The InfoStore suite of services includes Workflow and Office Automation, Document Scanning Solutions, Data Protection and Backup, Secure Document Storage and Secure Certified Shredding and Data Destruction. In addition, InfoStore’s values and commitment to offering the highest level of customer service and satisfaction is what continues to make them top providers in the information management industry serving the Cleveland and Northeast Ohio areas.


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