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X-ray Recycling in Cleveland, OH

Time to purge your old x-rays? Did you know that x-ray film, which contains valuable silver, can be recycled? At InfoStore Records Center, we offer professional x-ray film recycling service for businesses in Cleveland, OH.

Save Time and Save Space

InfoStore Records Center is your source for fast and reliable x-ray recycling service. When you need us, we’re there, handling your project with total professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. When you trust InfoStore Records Center with your old x-ray films, you can rest assured that all protected health information will be disposed of thoroughly and in accordance with all applicable regulations. Our x-ray recycling service will help you free up valuable storage space and reduce your labor costs. And because we’re as concerned about the environment as you are, our services are eco-friendly.

Save time, save space, and save money. For reliable, confidential x-ray recycling service, InfoStore Records Center is the right choice. Contact us in Cleveland, OH today to learn more.


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